Build Unmatched Size Gains With

Bathmate Hydrovibe


An all-new product from Bathmate, the HydroVibe adds the incredible benefits of vibration therapy to the world's best selling penis pumps, creating even better performance for you.

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Boost Your Circulation Power

With the Bathmate HydroVibe!

At Bathmate, we're always looking for ways to help you get the very best results from your workout. We're proud to be bringing you a brand-new product designed to add a powerful dimension to your routine - the Bathmate HydroVibe.

The Bathmate HydroVibe adds a vibrating element to your Bathmate, with a simple-to-use design letting you easily maximise your blood flow for unprecedented size and hardness gains. The HydroVibe fits perfectly around the outside of your Bathmate, just above the bellows, with spaces for placing the twin Bathmate Vibe Bullet Vibrators (included).

Using the HydroVibe


To use your HydroVibe, just slip the ring around the bellows of your pump, and insert the VIBE bullets. Then, fill your Bathmate with warm water and pump as usual to start out your routine.


Once you've set up, press the power buttons on both of your Bathmate VIBE Bullets, and you'll immediately feel the vibration through the water.


Pump to your desired pressure and get ready to see the results.


The added vibrations mean that you quickly get a harder erection, drawing in more blood to give you absolutely maximised gains.

Pump Compatibility

Made from a completely body-safe silicone, the Bathmate Hydrovibe fits all of our pumps (barring the HydroXtreme11) helping every user add an all-new level of performance to their pumping routine. Costing just $74.99, the HydroVibe is a great deal, with our VIBE Bullets alone typically priced at $35 each.

The VIBE Bullets attached to the HydroVibe have 10 distinct vibration patterns, each designed for different results. With each of our patterns varying a lot, try experimenting to find a combination that perfectly suits you - with 100 total different pattern options, satisfaction really is guaranteed.

Of course, with the VIBE Bullets being completely detachable, they can be used separately however you want, giving you a powerful way to add a certain something to your sex life. With a completely versatile, waterproof and long-lasting design, you can use them in practically any way you can imagine, with powerful orgasmic potential guaranteed.

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As always, we want you to be totally confident when you buy a Bathmate product, so we provide a full year's guarantee for your HydroVibe, protecting you against any defects or issues. We're also offering totally free shipping - buy your HydroVibe today and unlock the full potential of your Bathmate!

Order Yours Now! $74.99